Is Setyl GDPR compliant?

The basics of GDPR:

  • GDPR is the toughest set of privacy and security laws in the world, designed to guarantee the safety of customer’s data.
  • GDPR covers areas such as Data Protection, Accountability and Data Security
  • GDPR also sets out clear framework on how and which data we can collect
  • Finally, GDPR ensures that user's privacy rights are upheld on the internet

How Setyl complies with GDPR:

Setyl has it's own regulations (click here) ensuring that all of our practices comply with GDPR regulations. This means that Setyl has specific stringent measures covering all aspects of your data:

  • Safety of Data: We will only share your data with the necessary affiliates - this may include our insurers, subsidiaries, payment providers and goods/services providers.
  • Data Protection and Security: Our Servers are the most secure on the market (AWS EU), and our internal data access criteria is on a 'legitimate need' basis.
  • How and which data we collect: We only collect a small amount of mandatory data - each user's full name and email address, and the company's details. Setyl is licensed to copy and reproduce this data to a reasonable extent for the performance of our obligations.
  • Privacy Rights: We collect the minimum data required per user, and process this data with the upmost care and confidentiality. This data may be used for personalisation, research, security or marketing (among others - see here)

For more information about any of the above, please visit our legal page.