What are Setyl's Third Party Data Sub-Processors?

Setyl uses the following data sub-processors:

Sub-Processor Name (Category): Summary of Service

Stripe (Payments and invoicing): Payment gateway for collecting card payments

Quaderno (Payments and invoicing): Invoicing and tax calculation

Xero (Payments and invoicing): Statutory financial accounting

Voipfone (Communication): Phone system

Skype (Communication): Phone system

Intercom (Communication): Live chat for customer support

Google Workspace (Internal Tools): Google’s suite of products - email, drive, etc.

Slack (Internal Tools): Internal communication service

Google Analytics (Analytics): Usage metrics

Metabase (Analytics): Usage metrics

Hotjar (Analytics): Usage metrics

Webflow (Analytics): Usage metrics

Airbrake (Infrastructure): Error monitoring service

Amazon AWS (Infrastructure): Hosting

Heroku (Infrastructure): Hosting

Mailjet (Infrastructure): Email mailer

Sendgrid (Marketing): Email mailer

Close (Marketing): Sales CRM

Facebook Advertising (Marketing): Advertising platform

Google Advertising (Marketing): Advertising platform

Linkedin Advertising (Marketing): Advertising platform

Hubspot (Analytics, Marketing, Communications): CRM platform

Calendly (Scheduling): Meeting scheduling tool

QMS (Infrastructure): ISO27001 compliance platform