What is the difference between adding a Person manually and a Person being added using SSO?

If you have connected your organisation's email service or HR package, profiles for the People in your organisation will automatically have been made and they will not be sent an email. They can log into Setyl by clicking the Login link on Setyl.com and using the Sign in with Google or Sign in with Microsoft button.

Alternatively, to manually add a Person to Setyl, click the "blue + icon" in the top right hand corner of your screen and select ‘Add a Person’. Enter their details and press ‘Add a Person’.

If you want to provide the Person with access to Setyl, go to their profile within Setyl, click on the "3 dot icon" and select ‘Send Person an Invite Email’. That Person will be sent an email, inviting them to set up a password and they will now have access to Setyl.