Where is Setyl's service geographically located?

Our office is located in London, UK, with the majority of the team working from the UK.

The infrastructure that runs the Setyl application is hosted on Amazon AWS and Salesforce Heroku. Transactional emails are sent via Mailjet.

Setyl’s primary application runs on Salesforce Heroku, which in turn is hosted via Amazon's AWS service. A further Amazon AWS service, S3, is utilised for the storing of uploaded files. Use of these services includes the storing, controlling and processing of data.

The Setyl application is run from Heroku’s European-designated service, which runs on AWS servers geographically located in Ireland (EU) and Germany (EU). Setyl’s AWS S3 storage is geographically located in Germany (EU) and the UK. Mailjet's servers are located in Belgium (EU).

In addition, Setyl runs regular scheduled backups of the application, which is intentionally stored in two geographically separated locations - Germany (EU) and the UK. Setyl’s team regularly practice restoring the Setyl application from backup data.