Is my data safe with Setyl?

Setyl takes every measure to ensure the security of your data - it's one of the most important things we do. Here are some FAQs about how we handle your data:

Where is my data stored?

Setyl uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) to store your data to ensure maximum data security. We currently use AWS's storage in the EU region.

Who has access to my data?

Our internal processes are built around the security and integrity of your data. In practical terms, this means that all user data is locked down - it is only seen by certain members of our team on a "legitimate need" basis. This ensures that your data stays as private as possible.

What personal information is stored about Setyl users?

We are aware of the sensitivity of our client's data, and therefore only collect the minimum requirement of data from our users to run the Setyl service. This includes, First Name, Last Name and email address. User's may choose to populate fields such as Phone Number, Job Title and Employment Start Date.

Is Setyl GDPR compliant?

Yes, Setyl's processes are GDPR compliant. Furthermore, Setyl is registered with the UK's  Information Commissioner's Office; so you can be sure that we are meeting the highest standards of data management. For more about Setyl and GDPR please follow this link.

How long do you hold data for?

Setyl holds your information for different periods depending on the type. Most are for a maximum of 1-5 years.